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The Oregon County Historical Society is offering a scholarship in the amount of $300 to be awarded prior to College entrance in August 2013. This information is available on

The requirements for the application for the scholarship are:

  • Student must be a graduate of an Oregon County High School

  • Name, address, and phone number of applicant.

  • Student must show proof of Registration for College

  • Student will write a one to two page essay entitled “What Growing up in Oregon County has meant to me.”

  • Student must have resided in Oregon County at least ten years.

  • The essay with above information should be emailed before August 1, 2013 for consideration. Any questions can be called to 417-203-0005 or emailed to

We have stories. We tell them in our books. Be there at noon with yours.


Linked above. All about our local area from postcards. Bu Ken and Atticus Franke of Thayer, MO.

Oregon County History Club will meet at noon at the Country Cottage in Hwy 19 in Thayer, MO on March 14,2014. Come and share history and find out about our projects including reprint of the history book.

Meeting will be held at Country Cottage Restaurant in Thayer, MO on Highway 19. Come and join us to preserve history.

We had a presentation by the Greer Mill Preservation group. See the minutes in the pages at the top of this page. Here are two of the pictures. Greer Mill-2 Greer Mill Preservation Group-3

This one is of Blackjack School in Oregon County


Lots of people from the past visiting and sharing stories. Tell them about us reprinting the Oregon County History Book and then doing a new Book for what has happened in the past 25 years and for families who didn’t get into the other book. email for stories and info.


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