We will have the OCMO History Book for sale at: Friday: 09/26 Thayer Homecoming Parade 2:00pm, Football Game 6:00pm, Reception at Grade School 9:00 pm. Saturday 09/27 Myrtle Yesteryear 9:00 – 5:00, Thayer Alumni Banquet 6:00
Oct. 4th: 9:00 – 5:00 Alton Black Walnut Festival on Square, 2:00 – 9:00 Thayer Fall Festival at Grade School.

We also have a store at Forschler’s Furniture behind the Bank of Thayer open weekdays except Wednesday. Call 417-203-0005 or 417-280-6991 to pick up books at other places.

It will arrive on Thursday, August 28th at 108 N. 2nd Street in Thayer. We will be selling them there and at events, festivals, club meetings etc.

It’s also available for ordering on Amazon here.

We will be meeting at Grand Gulf as guests of the Park (ranger: Mathew Kantola). Dorothy Ellis will give a talk to the members of the history of Grand Gulf and how it became a park. She will also talk about Greer Mill, the Wilderness, the Scenic Riverways and other topics on saving important history. She is amazing and her life’s work has been to save vast and important areas of history for generations to come. Join us for subway sandwiches and drinks (provided by the History Club) and get a look at our newly published history book.

We are placing orders today to be delivered by August 27th. We will be taking them to festivals and clubs, anywhere we might tell people our story. We also have a downtown office for a few months. It’s up the hill from the Bank of Thayer at 108 2nd Street. It will be opened half days until after labor day. The books will be available there as well as demos of how we did it. The book will be available on Amazon by the weekend. I’ll post the link

The OCMO History Club will meet at noon on Friday August 8 at the Country Cottage Restaurant.

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We presented Taylor Emberton a scholarship from the OCMO History club based on her essay on what growing up in Oregon County has meant to her. There were a number of young people at the meeting and we challenged them to become like Dorothy Ellis who had a calling to save Grand Gulf when she was not much older and did it even though it took 40 years. Then she fought to save the Wilderness (12 years), Greer Mill, and the Scenic Riverways National designation. Dorothy preserved History by preserving our pristine forests, rivers and caves. September meeting will be at Grand Gulf on the 12th and Dorothy will take us on the journey of saving important historical places.

Will McNeal and Ashley Downs from the Forest Service gave us updates on the Greer Mill preservation. A group from Colorado will come down in September to assess the repairs of the foundation, walls and roof. The Friends of the Eleven Point River have been raising funds. They hope to add a visitors sign and a porch to the building.

We are moving ahead on the History Books. The Summary Book is now published but won’t be sold until we get the Blue Book Reprint complete which we will sell at Fall Festivals in the area and online on Amazon and Createspace.com. The new book of events and families that were not in the original Blue book is evolving but we need family histories and updates. Had submissions on the Railroad from Max Evans and several more posts from the “You Know you are from Oregon County if…” Will need some additional help to set up how to finish, sell, and account for books sold. Tell your friends and family to email stories and history to ocmohistory@gmail.com.

Lou Wehmer reported on his study fo Civil War skirmishes and guerilla wars (both North and South). He followed Devil Dick and the killing of Boze at Braswell Spring. John J. Sitton, County Sheriff after the war kept a diary before and after the way where he told of soldiers who died. In January 1865, at the end of the war, Senei Evans talked about battle at Evans Mill on English Creek. Lou is working on a Book. He edited a bookwritten by Colonel William Monks: A History of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas at http://colonelmonks.com/. He also has a video telling a story of Oregon County at https://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=spigot-nt-gcmac&ei=utf-8&ilc=12&type=576859&p=lou%20wehmer


We are sponsoring a Granny Blue Day on November 8, 2014. She was a colorful pioneer who lived in these parts. We will have proclamations signed by Mayors of Thayer and Mammoth Spring. We want to put a gravestone on the Granny Blue farm near NB Allen Ford on Barren Hollow Road to honor the seven or more Civil War soldiers there. Mike Walters and his men of Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #203are getting the stone and want to place it on the Granny Blue day.

Which manages Grand Gulf and other parks in Missouri at http://ladfoundation.org/index.html


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