Thanks from the family of Elijah Forester for the SCV Camp #203 for the Ceremony.

Rena’ S. Forester Davis, grt. grt. granddaughter commented on Sons of Confederate Veterans Post 203 Honors Civil War Veteran with headstone

May 24, 2014 at 10:30, the SCV group gathered at Clifton Cemetery up Highway 19 in Thayer, MO. The Forester Family came from …

Thanks so very much to Mike Walters and his men of SCV Camp #203 and the Oregon County Historical Society for their help in this long over due tribute to our great great grandfather, Elijah Forester. It was a certainly not accomplished single-handedly. Their were several great, great grandchildren involved in making this happen the last several years. Thanks to Buddy Rogers and wife for working with us on located the gravesite itself. Also thanks to Buddy for sharing the vault records to pursue the surveying and plating of the Clifton Cemetery for future endeavors by other families, like ours that wish to preserve history. Thanks to Ted Forester for heading the surveying and plating project and all those that assisted: Ora Fay (Forester) Ingram; Charlie G. Forester and his family, Ed Forester and Jack Forester and the Caldwell men. Thanks also to Caveys Monument for the beautiful engraving and preparation of the stone. It was a beautiful memorial service and unforgettable family reunion following later that afternoon. Thanks to Lou Weymer for speaking at the reunion and “taking us back to such turbulent times….in which our great great grandfather, Elijah Forester remained steadfast and survived being held as a POW throughout the remainder of the war and finally returned home to his beloved Oregon County, Missouri to join his family and continue being an important part of the Warm Fork Community until his death in 1918. Thanks also to the Woods Riverside Restaurant for allowing us to have our family reunion in the private dinning area with 52 in attendance.


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