The Oregon County History Book 1 is done!

We are placing orders today to be delivered by August 27th. We will be taking them to festivals and clubs, anywhere we might tell people our story. We also have a downtown office for a few months. It’s up the hill from the Bank of Thayer at 108 2nd Street. It will be opened half days until after labor day. The books will be available there as well as demos of how we did it. The book will be available on Amazon by the weekend. I’ll post the link


3 thoughts on “The Oregon County History Book 1 is done!

  1. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to this project!! Just to clarify, are there two volumes–since reference was made to “Volume I” or is this a condensed version or “Sampler” of the completed project? Secondly, what is the cost and is it too late to submit a family history article regarding my great great grandparents, Elijah and Linny E. (England) Forester if there has not already been one submitted for the new book. Thanks again for your hard work and look forward to hearing from you!!

    • There is a Summary Book (1st 70 pages of Book 1) that we aren’t yet selling but have published. Then we just published Oregon County Book 1 which is a reprint of the 1990’s book. Now we are starting the process for Book 2 which will be families left out of Book 1 and families with updates since 1990’s. We are already collecting lots of stories. I look forward to your story. This process well go on well into next year.

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