OCMO Meeting June 12, 2015 at Country Cottage at Noon


Is having the meeting this month, June 12, at the Country Cottage Cafe at noon. We will be electing officers; selecting volunteers from each area of Oregon County; Delegating responsibilities; Discussion for where the next meeting will be held in July.

We are getting involved in events that further discovery of our pasts in Oregon County and preservation of the past for the future.

We need members to join us and discover the thrill of finding our past. We also would like to get younger kids involved and to this extent, we are offering a $200 scholarship to a senior in Oregon County. The student must investigate their family histories by research, talking to older family members, internet, etc. to gain the information about their family. They will Write an essay telling us about their family. Whether a student wins or not, their story will be in the Oregon County Book 2.

Call Marge at 280-69912, Jenny at 280-6941, or Eva at 280-6459 if you have questions or come by and joins us every second Friday.

Membership if free. The Society supports itself with Oregon County Books sales.

Come join us.


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