July 10th 2015 at the Mammoth Spring Park Depot

July 10  2015 Meeting at the Mammoth Spring Park Railroad Station Museum Depot at 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Attendees: Many visitors plus OCMO members Marge Shipp, Jenny Underwood, Billie Rae Mooney, D.J. Ashford, Lindan Caldwell, Cheyenne Archer

Brief announcement of activities and treasurers report

Subject was Train and Plane wrecks in the area.

The first train wreck was in 1914. There were two train wrecks in 1973. The second train was filled with Sears Merchandise which was purchased in bulk by the Washams of Mammoth Spring. There were boats and divers dragging up sheets, towels, fabric, socks and all manner of dry goods. Hordes of people showed up over the 3 day event. Much of the merchandise is still in use in households today. A Centennial dress was made by Ms. Mainprize, an old time outfit was made by Ms. Nikki Barbee, and a dolls dress was made by Betty Bamber. Another train wreck was up near Koshkonong and had cases of liquor. Some of the local boys left school and went up to get the liquor which they hid in the brush. But the County Sheriff retrieved the liquor. There were cases of apples which were sold locally.

In 1947, there were only two airplanes in Oregon County. On the fateful day, their wings collided and both crashed. Mr. Shepherd died but the other pilot survived after landing in a tree. In 1959, a Navy jetfighter caught fire and was ditched near Sloan’s Ford on OO Highway. The pilot also landed in a tree and survived. There was metal strowed all up and down the area.

In a crash in 1979, a plane piloted by a woman flew into a house. Inside the house were four people playing cards who were able to escape the falling engine. The house owner got a long ladder and escorted the woman down. She said, “I don’t like heights and I don’t like laddersplane-house-1979-1.” which begs the question of why she was flying. Her husband had a minor injury. Rumor has it she never flew again.

We will be posting some of the stories and pictures. We had a great time with people remembering the wrecks. Thanks to all who participated.


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