The Oregon County History Club gathers and publishes history to “Preserve Yesterday and Enrich Tomorrow.” The Club meets on the second Friday of every month at noon at the Country Cottage Restaurant. The Club is involved in:

  • Digitally publishing a Summary Book of the first 100 pages of the History book
  • Digitally reprinting the Original History published in the early 1990’s
  • Learning how to preserve history digitally for the future
  • Writing and digitally publishing a new history book with updated stories and families that were left out of the first book. We are looking for stories telling about life in the Ozarks (good and bad).
  • Sponsoring an annual scholarship for a student who has lived in Oregon County for at least ten years
  • Attending Festivals to promote our books and club
  • Co-sponsoring activities with the Civil War clubs, other clubs, and local promotion events
  • Sharing pictures, memories and stories with others who love this area in the Ozarks
  • Using Social Media and Blogs to record our journey

All visitors are welcome to participate.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sir or Madam: my grandparents were Ned Herbert Rhoades and Ruth Fraley Rhoades. I have a bag of unfinished quilt pieces made by my grandmother. One set is a “friendship” quilt that the ladies in her quilting group made. The pieces are embroidered with the names of the ladies, and include Lucy Ledbetter, Betty Strain, Vora Norman, Dessie Pierce and a few others. The fabrics are recognizable as flour and sugar sack material, and would probably be best preserved in frames. Please email me for my number if you are interested in a donation. Sincetely, Kari Rhoades (daughter of Jack Rhoades)

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