May 9, 2014 Meeting

History Meeting Agenda: Attendees (Marge S, Billie M., Mary, Lindan, Nikki, Eva, D.J., Ken, Atticus, Mathew, Dan, Mike, Joe Dan, Nikki, Elaine.Shann)

Meeting Called  to Order, Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s Report approved.

Old Business:

Digital History Book:

  • Sample book’s  returned for final  proof.  (Costs $2.15 to publish, Price now set at $10.00, need price for selling content to other books).

  • Image placement finished. Layout adjusted. Then try indexing.
  • Found a way to do indexing in the back but need to test it. (Adobe program and Virginia Systems). Need cost of each system and to test.
  • Need to set up and test online ordering procedures. Will happen after sample book complete.
  • Presold almost 100  books.  Set $30.00 as tentative book price with discounting via Amazon and locally. Getting interest from the internet.

  • Estimate $600-$1000. May need help from (Amazon’s publishing group) . The intent is to do everything we can locally

New Business

  • Need many stories for the new book starting in January. Received story on Timber Industry.

  • Suggestions on going through churches and other groups for stories. Set deadline for stories to be around January 1, 2015
  • Planning for scholarship to be awarded at Summer meeting. Letter sent to counsellors. Will put in the paper and call schools.
  • Shann: Cemetary headstones for Civil War Soldiers. Looking at site to be designated s a National Heritage site at “Old George Martin Farm.” Talking with owner about how to protect. Will have plan for a fence.
  • Shann: Ceremony to place headstone at Clifton Cemetary on May 24, 205
  • Granny Blue Day and story November 16, 2014. Get proclamations signed. Press release written but will postpone letting them go Find ancestors.
  • Civil War Re-enactment at Fort Davis the 26th, 27th and 29th near Pilot Knob
  • WPA may have listed indian villages during their projects. Not online but one member will ask a living member.
  • Mathew brought article on indians. Posted. Not true.
  • Mary Lea brought two Reading, Writing and Arithmetic books which we will be able to sell to raise money. She has about 100.
  • The Franke’s volunteered to help organize the new book info while Jenny is finishing the reprint.
  • 3 scholarship submissions – members will read before June meeting.
  • Combs History Book from Rosalee. 2 purchased by members. Will buy 2 for library. Combs will donate some.
  • Old Thayer movie provided by Billie M. shown by Ken F.

Next Meeting 06/14/2014

  • Dave Bailey will talk about the Indian bones found on Warm Fork

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