April 12th 2012 Meeting

April History Meeting


Country Cottage, April 12, noon


Meeting called to order.

Presentation by Marge Shipp of visiting a Civil War site Ft. Davidson and cemetary. Brought material on Pilot Knob area and copies of Mo. Civil War Money and Confederate Civil War money. Talked about effects of war on Father Hogan’s Irish Wilderness community as discussed in Mike Crawford’s book.


Request was made to put up festivals on History Web Site:


1. Can we place things in the Thayer Library? Yes, we have permission via a letter.

2. Meeting at Alton? Maybe add more interested people. Have at Library or Restaurant.

3. Youth – Scholarship? Something to promote interest in History.

4. Mr. Langston possibly providing club with some maps that he helped develop if we have place for them. (Like Library).

5. Gallies not copied yet due to Jenny’s Schedule

6. Haven’t received package from Joe Senn yet.

6. Festival Dates: Alton Walnut Festival: October 5th, Myrtle Yesteryear: September 28th, Kosh Festival September 21st, Thayer Homecoming, October 18th.

7. Increase interest in schools and youth.


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