August 16th 2013 Meeting

Attendees: Marge Shipp, Shan Caldwell, Jenny Underwood, Goldina Hansen.

Meeting called to order by Jenny Underwood. July minutes read and updated with “Bob Langstand presented maps of Oregon County Mills and Cemetaries.”

Marge Shipp gave finance report. One check written for editing to Jenny Underwood for $126.00

Deferred display of maps until next meeting. Voted to have booths at Festivals even though we may only have a sample book ready.

Report made that Morris Wooldridge Cemetary was identified and visited for Civil War burials from the presentation from last month. It is well kept with fence and recent flowers.

Shann did not find the Civil War grave but the society will place a marker in the corner. Military marble stones can be provided for free. Letters are paid for or provided free if can’t be paid for.

Jenny reported that she had been unable to process any more pages. Mathew reported some trouble with scanning images in the book close to the bend. They will get together this next week to find a solution, maybe taking pictures with IPAD.

The Oregon County Historical Society first Scholarship was awarded to Channing Burd of Alton, MO who is enrolled in the University of Missouri. We will present the check when she comes back into the area.

Discussions were held to offer help to local veterans for A&A benefits by sponsoring a seminar in November with VA participation. We will provide a brochure for the festival. There are significant benefits going unclaimed for Veterans including nursing home, home care and pensions. Here’s the New York Times article on how to find out about the benefits.

Decided to attend fall festivals (Myrtle Daze, Alton Black Walnut, and Thayer Fall Festival) and pay for the tables.

A suggestion was made to make a folder like Kosh has at their library for $2.00 with a description of the history of the town. Will have a draft at September meeting.

Next meeting September 13th at noon at Country Cottage.


4 thoughts on “August 16th 2013 Meeting

  1. Do you need to know about Civil war vets. graves in cemeteries. I have the plot of the Norman cemetery and we have several in our cemetery with stones.

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