Createspace Presentation by Junior Manes

Notes on Createspace by Junior


Fill out Questionnaire (Get copy and get started). Nothing happens until you do this.

Sign up for createspace account.

Get Members Dashboard. There are examples at each step for how to decide

Get a Consultation Team by phone for questions


Load manuscript up in Word. Editing is very expensive (we will do locally).

But Inside formatting is $349 and worth everything

Cover and Text are separate and are merged at the end.

Price: Know that Amazon has the right to discount and does it all the time

Best to set price so you get some above 20% discount and buy books at half price to sell.

Started in May, Reloaded manuscript after editing on June19th. Middle of September had proofs back.

2nd Proof Oct. 8 and then published 24th of October.

Get the book in 2-4 days off Amazon’s

Can select 3 markets: He took Amazon America/Canada, Amazon UK, and Amazon Continental US.

Costs $79 to format for Kindle (and this works on all other portable devices with readers downloaded)

Costed about $1,000 without editing and another $2,000 to edit.

Must sign up for kdp account for handling kindle.

Use their expertise in margins, fonts etc. (Must find out about indexing)


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