December 12, 2014 Meeting

History Meeting 12-12-2014

Oct. Attendees: Billie, Eva, DJ, Cheyenne, Jenny, Marge, Shann, Becky, Carolyn, Goldina, Mathew, Dorothy, Mary Lea

Meeting called to order, Secretary and Treasurer Report:

Old Business:

Kindle book for $5.99 or $2.99 if paper order (when finished) still to be done.

Book 2 in writing/editing, have 288 pages submitted, Need volunteers

Club approved investment in new book ($3,500).

OC Storybook by Bill Combs in process.


Pubs: Total Sold: 242 book, 68 online, 47 Out to Sell, About 20 with Jenny & Marge.

No Festivals for a while.

New Business:

Books: Need stories for Book 2 by 2015. Gathering stories and pictures

OC Storybook by Bill Combs in process.Proof print passed around. In edit. Will add pictures.

Joe Senn and Anita Caldwell donated “Warm Fork” book for republishing.

Max Evans doanted “Prime Time in the Ozarks” for republishing

Need to order more OCMO Book 1 (16) as we are almost sold out!

New Business:

Need Bylaws: Bylaws proposal on this web site.

Reviewed Annual Report

Propose to do some Multimedia (Documentary) Projects on Granny Blue and Dorothy. $1,000 for project approved.

While Jenny is on vacation, Mathew will fill in as President and Eva will be Secretary.

Officers to be elected next year or appointed by President when open.




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