December 13, 2013 OCMO Meeting

History Meeting Agenda: 12/13/2013

Meeting Call to Order, Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s Report

9  Attendees

Old Business:

Digital History Book:

  •  Now have images, text and layout for 70 pages pictures, text for another 80 pages. Need help on processing images and layout. Need volunteer editors for looking at the printout and return pages you have.
  • Presold 83 books. Sold 3 of Summary books and donated 3 for auction for Greer Springs.
  • Estimate $600-$1000. May need help from (Amazon’s publishing group) when I get into the book. The intent is to do everything we can locally
  • Opened an online account at Simmons First. This will be the account where we receive money for the book sales. Signers for online account will be Marge, Jenny and Shann C.
  • Lots of decisions to be made by the next meeting. For example, how many columns, what are the margins, font, etc. Will have sample printout on Amazon. A big one is how much to charge for the book. A local soft cover book is selling for $14.50.
  • Paid UPS $16.00 for previous printing.


  • Showed beautifully framed maps. Paid West Plains Framing $370 for the job. They will hang in libraries but won’t be checked out.
  • Approved donation to Greer Springs Mill Preservation Group.
  • Wonderful documentary on Frisco Railroad on public TV. Looking at getting a video of the story.

New Business:

  • Need funding for rest of conversion of photos and layout of book. Approved
  • Need to build an index which may require more copying at UPS store. Looking at index programs.
  • Need lots of ink to proof pages. Jenny will buy and Club will reimburse.
  • Need many stories for the new book starting in January. Received a great story about growing up at Greer Mill.


We had a presentation on preserving Greer Springs Mill. Their website is Friends of the Eleven Point River at

See presentation notes here as well.


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