Feb 2013 Minutes

History Meeting 02/08/2013Meeting called to order by Jenny Underwood (Vice-president) Attendees: Marge Caldwell, Robin, James and Michael Underwood, Matthew Kantola, Elaine Oldham, Lindan Caldwell.

  1. Names of previous attendees gone through to determine whether still with us or not related to getting permission to reprint OCMO History book
  2. Goldina was given Orchid for years of service and keeping club going. She was welcomed back since her injury
  3. Problems discussed with re-typing and updating book. Scanner not big enough. UPS or Kinkos may be able to help. Letter sent to Library Board to secure space for works in process and usage of the conference room.
  4. Old minutes read from last month
  5. Mathew discussed pictures on DVD for Thayer History. Slides tend to freeze up.
  6. Homecoming/Fall Festival discussed putting old pictures of people/town as to how they were in business in windows
  7. Can reprint of book be done prior to Homecoming? Probably not possible for new book Jenny is working on.
  8. Would businesses put pictures of businesses back in days for Homecoming along with history of Businesses
  9. Print notice in paper to ask people to send pictures of the town – Maybe consider asking for stories or history of own from pictures sent.
  10. Mathew to work with Goldina on scanning pictures she has. He reported the State Park said there would be no problem with using pictures.
  11. Jenny will get another account on Google so that people can share their stories. She doesn’t want to risk losing what is currently on account pertaining to history.
  12. Next meeting March 8th – 2nd Friday
  13. Koshkonong had first indoor basketball court in County. Teams loved to play there.
  14. Marge Shipp presented mug shot of George W. Caldwell in 1929 for manufacturing hootch, bootlegging and gaming house by O.C. Lindley. Sheriff assisted by Jack and Wallace. Prosecuted by Attorney Moran. Moonshiner to turn himself in and was located in prison. Officer also couldn’t find him, not realizing he was already in prison. Governor paroled him out.
  15. Former NY Giant pitcher Jack Bently returned to Ozarks (won 2 games in Series that year) to breed dogs.
  16. Mathew presented paper from Harold E. Starling – Indians were killed living in Grand Gulf. Flooded by blocking up to Mammoth Springs

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