History Meeting 02-12, 2016

History Meeting 02-12, 2016

Jan. Attendees:  Eva Ashford, Ray Wiggs, Jim Wiggs, Marge Shipp, Shann Caldwell, Joe Dan Caldwell, Margret Leu, Sue Scott, Alvin & Carolyn Clark, Nitika Whitaker, Dane Allen, Johnny Burkhead, Martha Bennet, and Lou Wehmer.

Meeting was called to order by President Shann Caldwell. Prayer was given by Johnny Burkhead and the pledge to the flag was said. Treasurer Report was given by Marge Shipp.Motion was made to accept the report. It was second and carried.

Lou Wehmer talked about the graves of Confederate soldiers the sons of Confederate are identifying and placing a government stone on the graves. Currently, they are working to get a stone for Calvin Brown who fought at Wilson’s Creek.

Marge talked about getting a slide scanner for the club. Motion was made, second and carried to get the scanner. She also talked about Max Evan’s book, Oregon County History Memories of World War II. The club can have the book printed for $2.25 and could sell it for $10.00. The club would add our name to the book, and pay for the printing. Motion was made, second and passed to not put it on e-books for a year.

Dane Allen, a descendant of Granny Blue, talked about her cabin sitting behind his house as he was growing up. It was used as a barn for hogs. He talked about his uncle, Floyd Stith in WWLL. Floyd earned 3 bronze stars and a number of service awards in the Pacific theater. He fought in Luzon in continuous combat; the he was trained in jungle warfare for the Pacific Theater. He repelled 5 bonanza attacks by the Japanese himself.

Johnny Burkhead’s uncle was in Peal Harbor when it ws bombed. His Dad was in the Army Air Corp with General Patton. He was a cook, but did several jobs, such as servicing the P-38. His Dad was at the Battle of the bulge. His Dad and two uncles served ion WWII at the same time. His mother’s three brothers were there also at the same time.

Jim wiggs told a story about a 94-year-old man trying to get help from the government, but he could not prove he was a vet as a fire has destroyed all his papers. The government told him to get four vets to verify for him. He said, “ How can I they are all dead.”

Eva told the club of an idea DJ had. What if the club had each member videoed talking about their life at the time. The memory stick would be placed in a time capsule to be opened !00 years from now. Our g-g-g- grandkids could see how we looked, and what we sound like. Other things, such as historical facts could be placed, along with pictures in the capsules. The what, and where of burying the capsules is yet to be discussed. Shan mentioned a capsule is being buried at Granny Blue’s, but that would be mostly of her and her descendants. We need on from the club, with club information, atrifacts, and pictures in it. It was left for the members to think about it.

Shann had a magazine with pictures of servicemen. I browsed through the books and found several servicemen from Thayer:

John W. Dawson—Navy–Pearl Harbor, Gene Hollis– Army—Korea, Carl Ray Coats—1945 Marine—Okinawa, Roy Coats— army—Vietnam, Warren Coats—- Army—Germany, Wendell Ragsdale— army—Vietnam, T.J. Reed—army–Vietnam, Bob Ross—Air Forde—Germany, Virgile Willison—Army—Vietnam