January 10th 2014 Meeting

History Meeting Minutes: 01-10-2014

Meeting Called  to Order, Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s Report. 5 in attendance.

Old Business:

Digital History Book:

  • Need to do a sample book at amazon for the fist 60 pages to see if the formatting is right for the rest of the large book. Cost will be paid out of the Simmons Account. First pass layout is done. Most of the images are done for the big book.

  • Got behind schedule on big book. Layout still yet to be done. We may convert to a new layout program.
  • If the book gets sent to createspace.com by February and the test copy gets back in a month, it will be June before book is printed.
  • Discussed verbage for putting in front of book to cover innacuracies etc.
  • Found a way to do indexing in the back but need to test it. (Adobe program and Virginia Systems). Need cost of each system.
  • Need to set up online ordering procedures.
  • Presold 87 books.  New order for 4 more books. Sold 3 of Summary books and donated 3 for auction for Greer Springs.

  • Estimate $600-$1000. May need help from createspace.com (Amazon’s publishing group) . The intent is to do everything we can locally

  • We have settled on 2 column (with bleeds), Tahona 10 pt font. Will have sample printout on Amazon.

  • Will schedule meeting with Library and show the pictures.

  • Railroad Festival postponed due to publishing activities

  • Set $30.00 as tentative book price with discounting via Amazon and locally

New Business:

  • Need funding for rest of conversion of photos and layout of book. Approved

  • Need to test  index programs.

  • Need lots of ink to proof pages. Jenny bought ink and will get invoice to club.

  • Need many stories for the new book starting in January. Received a new story about finding treasures and asked permission to use as sample.

  • Suggestions on going through churches and other organizaitons for stories. Set deadline for stories to be around June 1, 2014
  • Planning for scholarship to be awarded at April 2014 meeting. Will go through school guidance counselors to get applications
  • Will publish criteria for scholarships.
  • Need to present Amazon’s reimbursement numbers for each book sold.



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