July 11 Meeting Country Cottage 12:00 pm

Attendees: Marge Shipp, Robyn Richter, Shann Caldwell, Jenny Underwood, Mathew Kantola, Bobbie Alford, Betty Minich, Mary Lea Pease, Billie Ray Mooney, Bob Langston, Goldina Hansen

Jenny Underwood called the meeting to order. Marge Ship gave the financial report. June Minutes were accepted.

Voted to authorize $250 for editing and issue Jenny Check for $126 for editing done.

Mathew is doing scanning of pictures with captions.

Look into Booth at Myrtle Festival, (Kosh not having one), Fall Festival and Alton Walnut Festival.

May do a History program at Friends of Thomasville Library.

Jenny presented the process that the two books (one old reprinted and one new). The work for scanning the text is in edit after many trials. It’s about 95% done with 1st edit. Need 2nd edit and final. Then submit to amazon.com program to see how the layout flows. Need pictures by August for layout.

Marge Shipp presented Maps of City of Thayer. There were 1960’s aerial photography of Warm Fork.

How to preserve map: Make a copy & laminate the copy, frame pictures.put original in tube.

Next meeting August 16th, Country Cottage, 12:00 noon.


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