June 12, 2015 Meeting.

JUNE 12, 2015 Meeting

Place: COUNTRYm Cottage Cafe 

History Meeting 6-12-2015

MAY ATTENDEES:  Eva Ashford, Shann Caldwell,Marge Shipp, Robert Langston, DJ Ashford, Morgan Archer, Jenny Underwood, Ron Cornelius, Renee Janes.

Meeting called to order; Secretary and Treasurer Report was read and approved.

Old Business:

Warm Fork book estimate:$2,500. Will be a $30 book and have a new color illustrations. It wan’t be as large. Motion was made and moved to start work on book.

Next meeting on July 10, 2015 will be in the depot at Mammoth Springs State Park.

Discussion about having representatives from different regions responsibility for notification of meetings and soliciting for new and younger members by getting the schools involved. We need to find volunteers.

Reading of the By-Laws and voting on officers will be tabled until July meeting.

Marge is writing a story on the faries on the Eleven Point River. Discussion was to have it published in the Howell-Oregon pamphlet.

Books: Need stories for Book 2 by 2015. Gathering stories and pictures

A plane crash in1947 was witnessed by Marge Shipp. She is to write the story for us.

New Business:

Motion was made and passed to have Jenny and Marge to negotate with the bank about closing the bankbox and possible possibly move money.

Motion made and passed to get someone to set up the club as a 501.

Discussion was about getting a PO box address for the club and someone to pick up the mail.

Motion was made and passed to have Shann pick uup Warmfork books from the library and get them repaired.


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