June 2013 Meeting

June 2013 Meeting

Held at Oregon County Courthouse basement, Alton, MO, June 14, 2013 noon


Meeting called to order by Jenny Underwood

Attendees: Jenny Underwood, Bobby Alford, Betty Minich, Mike Crawford, Mr. Langston, Mathew Kantola, Mike Walters,  Mary Lea Pease

Meeting called to order by VP – Jenny Underwood

Minutes read by Jenny Underwood from May and approved. Bank signatures turned in (finally). Need another round to add Marge as Treasurer.


by Mike Crawford on some of the more colorful events of the past including murders and hangings. He talked about the archive in the basement of the building.


Festivals are up  on History Web Site:

Bank signatures turned in (finally). Need another round to add Marge as Treasurer.

Can we place things in the Thayer Library? Yes, we have permission via a letter.

Youth – Scholarship status – no responses yet.

Received some mail directed to Geneology Library – Request for looking up some history, forwardedt to the Alton Library.


Received a quote from a publishing company. Way too expensive.


Scanned PDF files of galleys are loaded to Google docs and put in Marge’s vault.

Over 300 pages are now in text form ready to edit. Pages 1-100 and 310-330 were hand typed by Jenny. Had to purchase an OCR service for 1,000 pages for $29. Members voted to reimburse Jenny. Next job is big edit.


Haven’t received package from Joe Senn yet.


Festival Dates: Alton Walnut Festival: October 5th, Myrtle Yesteryear: September 28th, Kosh Festival September 21st, Thayer Homecoming, October 18th.

School adjourned before we got to talk to them


Mr. Langston brought his first map. Need to figure out how to mount and display them. (Like Library).

Mathew will pick up extra book from Dorothy E. and start scanning the pictures which are missing from the galleys.

July’s meeting will be in Thayer on July 12th at Country Cottage. Always on second Friday of the month at noon.

County Assessor donated some Plat Maps to the Group



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