March 2013 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Jenny Underwood, VP. Goldina (Pres) is doing Rehab.
Attendees: Jenny Underwood, Robert Langston (Couch), Shan Caldwell, Joe Dan Caldwell(WP), Mike Walters(Willow), Bobbi Alford, Betty Minnich (Alton), Mary Lea Pease (Kosh), Mathew Kantola, Billie Rae Mooney, Marge Ship (Thayer), Elaine Oldham (Secretary).

Meeting called to order. Minutes from Feb meeting read and approved.

  1. Mary Lea will call remaining 10 members of orginal book to get permission to proceed on new book by April meeting so we can go to Point Lookout before May Meeting
  2. Shan passed around pictures his mother painted and offered to have new ones done. Just need ideas for the artwork. They were great.
  3. Jenny making progress on ebook. UPS Store in West Plains can scan the docs and found OCR program online to extract text. Then the text must be edited and images scanned.
  4. It is not too early to be submitting info for the ebook as Jenny is storing them in a database to merge with the original book.
  5. Motion made and passed that FNBC Bank require 2 signatures for checks on bank account.
  6. Check for $100.00 will be written to UPS Store for scanning the Galleys and making 3 copies of the CD’s, one will be stored in Marge’s vault.
  7. Library Board approved the usage of the Conference room in Thayer for works in process.
  8. We will get a list of festivals for a booth: Alton, Kosh, Myrtle festivals, Homecoming
  9. Joe Senn has a new book. Hazel Senn called and said she had a box of old pictures for us to scan in.
  10. We agreed to schedule a series of meetings at libraries in Alton, Myrtle, Kosh etc and show our projects to get input from those areas.
  11. Mathew volunteered to take his scanning equipment to homes to scan documents that won’t leave home. He has 3 scanners and a laptop.
  12. Elaine recommended getting business cards made up to put at local restaurants and stores for the history club activities, maybe a newsletter. Mathew will bring a logo for the business cards. Jenny will prepare a quote.
  13. Mike Walters said we should create a virtual club online getting members to join before the books are published. The book ordering would be done from our web site as well. The members can be involved in writing stories and posting to the web site.
  14. The visitors were members of the Sons of Confederacy Group out of West Plains. They help people trace their family history to the Civil War. They also place markers on graves for both Union and Confederate soldiers. Around 78 have been made for Oregon County. Web site for geneology research on soldiers
  15. Southern Order of the Rose is a woman’s group which meets in West Plains. Mike’s wife makes historical costumes back to the Revolution, including undies.
  16. Meredith Sisco may be speaker in April on local history folklore, date pending.
  17. Meetings are second Friday of the month at noon at Country Cottage
  18. Look into participation on history of Beetlemania 50 years ago 2014. The Beatles stayed in Oregon County for a weekend at the Pigman Ranch. Mary Lea Dethrod, Brenda Ledgerwood, Sheila Campbell and Don and Judy Woods were participants.
  19. Next month, get businesses involved with then and now pictures for homecoming. Rosie Freeman good source for pictures.
  20. Publish a list of local History Authors.
  21. A good source of history are the plat books from real estate transactions which include generations of owners. Check at recorders office, title companies etc. Make sure they aren’t thrown away. We can keep them as artifacts.
  22. Joe Dan reported the Howell County builders are making a proposal to save history building across from armory. May be a place to store history documents for non-profits.
  23. Article in paper on history activities

Post progress on books on web site


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