November 8, 2013 Meeting

History Meeting Agenda: 11/08/2013


Meeting Call to Order, Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s Report

12 Attendees


Old Business:


Digital History Book:

  • We now have all text in layout form from the book. Have printed a draft copy that needs further editing. Next step is to add the pictures. Plan to layout book on Amazon in December for early January printing. Need volunteer editors for looking at the printout.
  • Ezra Manes, Jr. gave a very informative presentation on publishing book on for as he just published his book Three Moons Rising.
  • Estimate $600-$1000. May need help from (Amazon’s publishing group) when I get into the book. The intent is to do everything we can
  • Passed resolution for approval to set up an online account at Simmons First. This will be the account where we receive money for the book sales. Signers for online account will be Marge, Jenny and Shann C.
  • Lots of decisions to be made by the next meeting. For example, how many columns, what are the margins, font, etc. Will have sample printout on Amazon. A big one is how much to charge for the book. A local soft cover book is selling for $14.50.
  • Paid UPS $16.00 for previous printing.
  • Paid editing invoice for Eva Ashford for $338.10. Will need more help for editing and electronic publishing the rest of the year, probably another $500-$600. All of my work is donated for this project.



  • Sent maps to frame shop in West Plains. 3 maps. Will cost approximately $100 for large one and $70 each for two smaller ones. Passed resolution to fund this.
  • Approved donation to Greer Springs Mill Preservation Group.



We had a history of the Robinson family by Lynn Robinson Martin. She shared stories and scrapbooks.

Next month will be Greer Springs Mill preservation.


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