OCMO History Books

This started as a request to reprint the Oregon County Blue Book that was published in early 1990’s and has been out of print for over 5 years. Requests still come in for a copy. We looked at reprinting it through a printing company but it was cost prohibitive. We decided to go digital meaning we had to convert the existing book (words and pictures) to digital format.

The first book was a test of the entire process comprised of the first 60 pages of the original history book without the family info. That book is now published and available online but we will not market it locally until we get the Blue Book done.

The Blue book has been put in digital format (all 1000 pictures with many iterations) and the index is being built. A first pass layout will be submitted in July. Our target is September 1st for the book so it will be available for the fall festivals and homecomings.

We are also collecting stories for the second Oregon County History Book for families, events and businesses that were left out of the orginal book. We also want updates to family histories for the last 25 years. We hope to have this updated history book available during the first quarter of 2015.




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