OCMO History Meeting July 11, 2014

OCMO Meeting July 11, 2014 Meeting

History Meeting Minutes: 07-11-2014: Attendees: Goldina H., Billie Rae M, Jenny U., Eva A., D.J. A., Morgan A., Cheyenne A., Joe Ca., Dorothy E., Mary Lea P., Lindan C., Atticus F., Ken F., Taylor E., Tina R., Bradlye, Loren & Brakly R., Andrea M., Maureen C., Langston, Captain, Lou W., Will. M., Ashley D., (Great Attendance, best ever!)

Meeting Call to Order, Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:

Digital History Book (Summary Book, Original Blue Book Reprint, and New Book):

  • Sample Book distributed to members. Not for sale even though we got questions from people at the Country Cottage Restaurant.

  • Indexing and layout continues.

  • First Proof of Blue Book printed and shipped. Will complete by September 1 for festivals.

  • Online ordering procedure are in test with Summary Book. Got one order on Amazon!
  • Pre Sold approximately 110  books. Would like to pre-sell 150 before publication.

  • Selling book for $30. Kindle book for $5.99 or $2.99 if accompanied by paper order

  • Bill this month for photo imaging, layout and editing.
  • Festivals (Go Green, Red White Blue): Sold 7 Blue books and 4 Being books. Passed out script of our info to a lot of people.

New Business:

  • Need many stories for New Book by January 2015. Got stories from Combs and railroad story from Max Evans.

  • National Heritage site at “Old George Martin Farm.” Received approval to put up a headstone and a fence. Names will be added later.

  • Granny Blue Day November 8th, Civil War headstone may be placed that day. Linden and Jenny will come up with Agenda for day.

  • Need decision on licensing of electronic content. Suggest $500 for Summary book content or $1.00 per book.

  • Ordered device for smart phone from Paypal to take money at festivals

  • Book: Fiction versus Reality (sample). Will debate at next meeting.

  • An agenda of Festivals was passed out. We will need volunteers to help. For example, the Koshkonong festival is the same day as the Alton Beetlemania festival. We will be selling the Blue Book reprint at these festivals.
  • Visitors from Mark Twain National Forest. Work continues on Greer Mill. There will be 3 work days in September as the team of contractors from the Forest Service will come. Check out on the http://friendsoftheelevenpointriver.org/ Web Site.


Scholarship Awarded to Taylor Emberton

Book Progress: Gave out projections for book and what is needed. Club (Motion: Joe C., Seconded: Mary L. to spend $3,000 over next 5-6 months on help with the book.

Lou Wehmer talked about the book he is researching/ writing on the Civil War skirmishes and Guerilla Warfare of “Devil Dick”, the killing of Boze, and Richard Boughs. He will share more info as he writes.

Saving Historical Sites: Dorothy Ellis. Dorothy Ellis had a forty year calling to save Grand Gulf and make it a state park (Done in 1984), to save the Wilderness Forest (took 12 years), save Greer Mill from Anheiser Busch, and to enact the Scenic Rivers of the Ozarks. She also fought against a nuclear facility being brought here and the damming of Eleven Point to make a lake half the size of Oregon County. 

We will have a meeting at Grand Gulf on September 12th and talk about Grand Gulf and the many wonderful areas we have. Bring a bag lunch as it will be outdoors at the picnic tables.


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