OCMO Meeting May 11, 2014

History Meeting Minutes: 06-13-2014

Meeting Call to Order, Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:

Digital History Book (Summary Book, Original Blue Book Reprint, and New Book):

  • Sample Book returned for final proof. (Costs $2.15 to publish). Price now set at $10.00. Need content selling price.
  • Images still being placed in file
  • Indexing test to be done.
  • Need to set up online ordering procedures. Will test with Summary Book
  • Pre Sold approximately 100  books. Would like to pre-sell 150 before publication.
  • Estimate $600-$1000. May need help from createspace.com (Amazon’s publishing group) when I get into the book. The intent is to do everything we can locally
  • Decision is to sell book for $30. Initial feedback is that is a reasonable price.
  • Bill this month for photo imaging, layout and editing.


New Business:

  • Need many stories for New Book by January 2015.
  • Reviewed Scholarship Applications.
  • Lots of stories are pouring in on Facebook. Have example to share.
  • Ceremony to be held for Civil War Soldier headstone placement at Clifton Cemetery May 24, 2014
  • National Heritage site at “Old George Martin Farm.” Talking to current owner.
  • Granny Blue Day changed to November 16th, 2014. Proclamations signed. Notifying descendants.
  • Could not find WPA references to Indian Villages
  • Civil War re-enactment at Fort Davis the 26th-29th near Pilot Knob
  • Mary lea brought two Reading, Writing and Arithmetic books which we will be able to sell to raise money. She has about 100.
  • The Franke’s volunteered to help with organzing new book.
  • Purchased 4 books on the Combs family from Reed descendents.


Old Thayer Movie



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