OCMO Scholarship 2015 announced

The Oregon County Historical Society is offering a scholarship in the amount of $300 to be awarded prior to College entrance in August 2015. This information is available on www.ocmohistory.wordpress.com.

The requirements for the application for the scholarship are:

  • Student must be a graduate of an Oregon County High School
  • Name, address, and phone number of applicant.
  • Student must show proof of Registration for College
  • Student must have resided in Oregon County at least ten years.
  • Student is to investigate his or her family history in Oregon County and write an essay about their family, which may include stories passed down by Grandpa and others. The essay should have names and dates and any other information the family wishes to share.
  • For students who do not have a long family history of living in Oregon county, write about your family and any family stories you would like to share; how you family came to Oregon County.
  • Every essay will be put in the Oregon County History book #2.
  • The essay with the above information should be emailed to ocmohistory@gmail.com before August 1, 2015 for consideration. Any questions can be called to 417-203-0005 or emailed.
  • We encourage students to join us for meetings every second Friday of the month. Call 417-280-6459 or417-280-6991 for information in where or what time the meetings are, or help in what to put in the essay.

Respectfully submitted by

Board of Oregon County Historical Society




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