Oregon County History Book Project

Original Book entitled “Oregon County History

This book was originally published in the late 80’s by the Oregon County Historical Society.  It has been out of print  for five years. The rights to republish the content and a Library of Congress designation has been secured to reprint the book. Mary Lea Pease has the galleys from the original publication without the pictures. We copied the galleys to CD’s and secured one copy in Marge Shipp’s bank box.

After getting one quote, we decided to go with publishing using createspace.com and do our own publishing. This gives us lots of flexibility for future projects. The book will be available for ordering at amazon.com and ebooks will come out for tablets.

There are three books:

Oregon County History Book Summary (Reprint) limited copies:  Completed and printed. This book will be used for marketing the big blue book and to sell content for other projects.

Oregon County History Book (Reprint):  Has all the text entered and the images are being placed. Target is to get a proof version by June 20th with intense editing needed. This book will be printed and online by September 1 for the local festivals.

New Oregon County History Book: Outline in draft form. Stories submitted. Need more stories and family updates. Will get people excited about it to update family histories.  The target is Jan. 1, 2015 for publication.

New digital or E book from the original book.

Jenny Underwood has been working on translating the original book into an ebook. The idea is to be able to take the original content and add stories and pictures that were left out of the original. It would also enable the generation of other books. We photographed images from the original book. We scanned pages  and then use optical character recognition to convert the scanned image into editable text.

Also, new stories and pictures are coming in. We are encouraging people to submit their stories. Mathew will scan images at the homes of people who want to share the pictures but do not want the pictures to leave home. We are looking for any stories about events and people from Oregon County.


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