Here are pictures at the Granny Blue Farm Cemetery.Granny-blue-farm-widow-approach Granny Blue-farm-widow-touches Granny-blue-scv-3 Granny-blue-farm-family Granny Blue-farm-flags granny-blue-farm-widow-best

Granny Blue Images

Granny Blue and Ragan Granny Blue marker Granny Blue thanks to Man with gun Granny Blue Farm Cemetery Granny Blue Stories Granny Blue Letter Granny Blue Cabin Granny Blue Flag Granny Blue Soldier Burial Granny Blue the Confederate 7

November 7th and November 8th


They are at Ladies Fitness Center, True Value, Forshler’s Furniture Store in Thayer. The Co-op in Alton. Toney Aid’s antique store at West Plains in the Square, Mammoth Spring Collision and by calling 417-280-6941 or 417-280-6991.

We will be talking about the book, Granny Blue Day in November, and the artists of Oregon County. Come and share your history.

We will have the OCMO History Book for sale at: Friday: 09/26 Thayer Homecoming Parade 2:00pm, Football Game 6:00pm, Reception at Grade School 9:00 pm. Saturday 09/27 Myrtle Yesteryear 9:00 – 5:00, Thayer Alumni Banquet 6:00
Oct. 4th: 9:00 – 5:00 Alton Black Walnut Festival on Square, 2:00 – 9:00 Thayer Fall Festival at Grade School.

We also have a store at Forschler’s Furniture behind the Bank of Thayer open weekdays except Wednesday. Call 417-203-0005 or 417-280-6991 to pick up books at other places.

It will arrive on Thursday, August 28th at 108 N. 2nd Street in Thayer. We will be selling them there and at events, festivals, club meetings etc.

It’s also available for ordering on Amazon here.


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