September 12th, 2014 Meeting

History Meeting Minutes: 09-12-2014
Attendees: Mary, Billie, Dorothy, Kay, Lou, Barb, Eva, DJ, Cheyenne, Morgan, Elaine, Nikki, Shan, Mrs. Shan, Mathew, Jenny, Marge
Meeting Call to Order, Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s Report
Old Business:
Digital History Book (Summary Book, Original Blue Book Reprint and New Book):
Finished and published the book. Hooray!
Online ordering up for both books.
Pre-sold Approximately 130 books
Selling books for $30. Kindle book for $5.99 or $2.99 if paper order
Bill this month for final editing.
Book 2 in writing/editing, have 65 pages done, Need volunteers
Have store at Forschler’s Furniture behind bank. Need volunteers.
Tested Paypal device for accepting credit cards. All online accounts ok.

Go Green, Red White Blue: Sold 7 blue books and 4 reading books
2 more Being books
Koshkonong: 20 books
Senior Citizens: 16+ books
Going Around: 20 books
Online: 16 big books, 5 summary books.
Alton Festival: 26 books
Thayer Homecoming 09-26 (parade, game, reception, 09-27 banquet)
Myrtle Yesterday 09-27
Alton Black Walnut 10-04
Thayer Fall Festival 10-04

New Business:
Need stories for new book by Q1 2015
National Heritage site at “Old George Martin Farm.”
Marge Report 280 books to make return bank account before books.
Jenny reported that development costs should be treated as startup costs on P&L and compared what the book costs versus doing it at vanity press
Demand for books like this is high. Now have 8 books in queue, not all of them history.
The future project is too big to do with just volunteering. Spent countless hours on it and learned a lot. Glad to do it. It has created opportunities for part time jobs.
Club approved investment in new book.
Granny Blue Day November 7th and 8th
Presented at Thayer Book Club, Crescite Club, Rotary. Scheduled for Chamber and Culture Club.
Next month topic: Artists of Oregon County
Handed out books for resale by members.
Press Release – story
Get on KKountry
Channel 10 Springfield and Channel 8 Jonesboro
Newspaper articles Areawide and Quill
Visit Senior Citizens at Alton, Kosh & Myrtle
School Libraries
Christmas Parade
Wear Long Dresses at Parade
Church Libraries

Presentation by Dorothy Ellis on Grand Gulf:

“We used to go to White Church on Sundays near the Gulf, have picnic lunches and then the kids would go play down in the cavern of Grand Gulf. I came to the realization of how important Grand Gulf was when I was about 18 years old. I went to Jefferson City with my husband often so I decided to lobby for making Grand Gulf a state park. I met with the Forestry Department, DNR and in 1965 got John Carroll, Director of State Parks to work on it. I met Leo Drye, the largest landowner in Missouri and part of the L.A.D Foundation. One of his projects is Pioneer Forest. He doesn’t believe in clear cuts and has alternatives to keep the forests alive and not just cut down. He bought the Grand Gulf and donated it to the State. It took 40 years to get the state to move on making it a state park. He made his fortune in fruit jars and has worked all his life to preserve forests in Missouri. He was on the cover of several magazines. One said “Wouldn’t it be nice if every state has a Leo Drye.”

There was much discussion about the hidden river that flows from the Grand Gulf to Mammoth Spring. The cave fell in after a tornado and hasn’t been accessible in many years. The wells and streams that are near where the river flows underground never run dry and stay clear and sweet all the time.

The Rolla School of Mines sent some engineers down with robots to try to open up a place. The robot was called “Steve.” They brought in digging equipment which sunk into the mud and had to be pulled out with bull dozers. Manual Labor is probably the only way to get the holes open again. The Debris is piled up and buried in mud so it doesn’t disintegrate. The water could still be heard into the 1950’s.

A cave explorer and archeologist, Louella Owen’s (Cave Regions in the Ozarks and Black Hills came in and was able to travel on the river by boat inside the cave with ropes holding the boat so it wouldn’t go underground. She saw the blind fish and many of the Caves unique characteristics. She also visited caves near Greer Springs.

There was a discussion on forming a Friends of the Grand Gulf Group. It would probably be separate from the History Club. We are looking for people interested in this group.


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