September 17th 2013 Meeting

Country Cottage, Noon. Attendees: Jenny U, Marge S, Shann C, Goldina H, Elaine O, T. Caldwell.

Meeting called to order by Jenny U, Secretary Report read and approved, Treasurer’s Report read and approved.

Scholarship recipinet Channing Burd of Alton joined the meeting today to receive his scholarship. He attends University of Missouri at Columbia.

We have 30 page 2 side and 60 pages 1 side to sell for $5.00 with that amount off the big book when it comes out.

Festivals we will attend: Kosh next week, Myrtle 27th, Alton/Thayer, Oct. 5th, Homecoming Oct. 18th

The book project has started on Amazon. We need to find out if we have an existing ISBN or Amazon will provide one. There are lots of decisions to be made including what to do in case of a refund.

Digital Books: what will keep people from copying the data and reusing it. What do do if it is defective.

Facebook has a new group “You know you are from Oregon County if.” that is very popular. People are very interested in old pictures and stories. This will fit into our new book and get people excited about buying the book. Can we use pictures from Facebook? We got permission from Robinson’s for their pictures.

There will be a seminar on prisoners that survived the Civil War boat explosion in Arkansas. It will be at the Civic Center, Oct. 18th.

We will sponsor a VA Seminar on benefits November 8th.

We will have flyers to pass out at the festivals and take orders (without payment) for the first of the big book.

The map project by Bob Langston is coming along. Maps of mills and cemeteries will be copied. We will need to put into the book.

Anita Caldwell has been volunteered to make front cover of summary book for festivals.

Next meeting 10/11/2013




2 thoughts on “September 17th 2013 Meeting

    • Don’t know if I replied to this but you can get one on Amazon by searching for Oregon County History Book or you can get one locally at festivals and at the Forschler Furniture Building just above the Bank of Thayer (Open weekdays except Wednesday)

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