The program will be conducted by Sheriff George Underwood about the history of Sheriffs and law enforcement in Oregon County. Remember that we have several books you can order from amazon.com


We have OREGON COUNTY HISTORY Part 1 (Sample book), OREGON COUNTY HISTORY (big book) and OREGY COUNTY GROWING UP (written by Bill Combs)

Bill writes a series of stories of events in Oregon County when he was growing up. The “Oregon County Growing Up” book takes you back to your childhood as he walks back into his. It can be ordered on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Oregon-County-Growing-happiness-situation/dp/1505378028/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1419772385&sr=1-5&keywords=Oregon+County

Kindle book to come. And more books from the OCMO Club are in the queue.

The topic will be storytelling and storytellers. Eva Ashford will kick off with her story of The Princess of Umpapa.

We had an amazing month in November with the Granny Blue Events. The Sons of the Confederate Veterans were instrumental in making the ceremonies both moving and accurate. They have a new website at Colonel Woodside SCV. You can follow their events.

We have lots to do next year. Looking forward to interesting times.

Granny Blue Day

Pictures and videos here.

Here are pictures at the Granny Blue Farm Cemetery.Granny-blue-farm-widow-approach Granny Blue-farm-widow-touches Granny-blue-scv-3 Granny-blue-farm-family Granny Blue-farm-flags granny-blue-farm-widow-best

Granny Blue Images

Granny Blue and Ragan Granny Blue marker Granny Blue thanks to Man with gun Granny Blue Farm Cemetery Granny Blue Stories Granny Blue Letter Granny Blue Cabin Granny Blue Flag Granny Blue Soldier Burial Granny Blue the Confederate 7

November 7th and November 8th



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